Our Education

Recognising the diverse requirements of industry and individual career paths, LionHouse offers bespoke training and education programs.

Smart And Skilled

Smart and Skilled is a NSW Government program that helps people get training in in-demand skills and industries. Learn more about the Smart and Skilled program here.

Enrolment and Notification of Enrolment Process

At LionHouse, we believe that we are all individual and creative beings, and part of a fulfilling life is to express yourself through your work. This is true work-life balance and this forms a positive loop that feeds back into your personal life. Passion is simply people doing what they love to do.

Skills Assure

Skills Assure makes it easier to recognise providers that offer training subsidised by the Queensland Government.

Lear more about Skills Assure here. 

To support an ethical and sustainable VET sector, and help it grow